Sprains and strains can be caused by the same actions as a fracture and an x-ray can differentiate between the two. A sprain is abnormal stretching or tearing of a ligament that supports a joint. Sprains and strains may be caused by repetitive activities or by a single event. People who are physically active are at higher risk for sprains and strains.

The medical professionals at Northwest Urgent Care can help both children and adults who are looking for immediate treatment for sprains and strains injuries that occur.

Sprains and Strains Diagnosis

Whether it is your foot and ankle, a pulled muscle, your ligaments and tendons or any other body part, diagnosing your sprain or mild strain can be crucial to getting you the treatment you need.

An urgent care center is a great place for a medical professional to take a look at your medical condition to provide the proper treatment for your injury. Depending upon the situation, X-rays, CAT scan or MRI scan may be needed to help make or confirm the diagnosis.

Sprains and Strains Treatment

Mild sprains and slight muscle strains, such as twisting an ankle or a sore hamstring muscle, can be treated with everyday items you can find around your house. For example, light muscle strain treatment, pulled hamstring treatment or mild ankle sprain treatment can be done with RICE:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

Although most sprains and strains resolve with time, occasionally other treatment, including physical therapy (with strengthening exercises) and surgery, may be required.

An urgent care clinic can help determine the right treatment for your exact injury, including the medications you may need, as anti-inflammatory medications may be helpful in decreasing the pain and inflammation of the injury. Reducing swelling and reducing inflammation in your muscles, tendons, ligaments and all the tissues that connect your bones is crucial to healing.

Urgent Care for Sprains and Strains

Injuries to a muscle can occur anywhere at any time and from anything. Our urgent care center in Amarillo, Texas, can diagnose your mild to moderate sprain or strain and learn about the best way to treat your injury.

If the injury is minor, such as a slight hamstring strain or ankle sprain, then you may have concrete instructions on how to start feeling better, sooner.

The range of motion of an injured area can be limited by a sprain or strain — something that impacts your everyday life. If the problem is worse than a minor, a trip to an urgent care center can help with the pain and swelling and bruising of the injured area.

The professionals at an urgent care center can also accurately determine if you have a broken bone and get your injury in front of the right specialist so that your injury heals properly.

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